The Color of a Memory

The Color of a Memory

Book #5 in The Color of Heaven Series

Find out why readers everywhere are clamoring for the next instalment of this thrilling, inspiring series. 

Audrey Fitzgerald believed she was married to the perfect man - a heroic firefighter who saved lives, even beyond his own death. But a year after losing him she meets a mysterious woman who has some unexplained connection to her husband....

Soon Audrey discovers that her husband was keeping secrets, and she feels compelled to dig into his past. Little does she know, this journey of discovery will lead her down a new path to the future - a future she never dared to imagine.

 “Julianne MacLean knows what her audience likes...compelling characters and a soul-baring journey of love." – Reader to Reader 


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behind the book

Trivia:  I was half way through writing this book and went to the post office to mail out my monthly contest prize to a reader, and the postmaster waved me over.

"Are you Carla?" she asked, mistaking me for someone else who had some mail returned.

"No," I said. "You must be confusing me with someone else."

But that's a great name for a character, I thought.  That very night, I wrote the scene where the mystery woman of this book first appears (no spoilers... but it is a case of mistaken identity).  The name at the forefront of my mind was "Carla."  She turned out to be a very important character in this book, and she becomes the protagonist in the next novel THE COLOR OF LOVE.

So you never know where certain story ideas are going to come from.  Sometimes they just get tossed at your head like a beach ball!