If you’re a fiction writer (or aspire to be one), this is a must read. Read it from cover to cover and don’t skim a single word. Focus and pay attention – and apply what you learn to your own work. This will also make you a better critique partner if you have writer friends who ask for your opinions.

I studied this book carefully in the early days of my writing career, and I still apply the lessons I learned from it. Most of them are imprinted on my brain and are second nature to me now.

Gary Provost remains one of the best writing teachers out there. Do yourself a favor and learn from him. You’ll be glad you did, and I promise you’ll gain an incredible amount of confidence as a writer. Here’s the book description:

Writing dreams do come true. Make Your Words Work shows you what works.

Proven techniques for effective writing—for fiction and nonfiction.

Gary Provost practices what he preaches in Make Your Words Work. He helps you learn to write well by, among other things, writing well himself. His warm, witty, entertaining instruction teams with solid examples as well as exercises. Get the good word now. This is the writing course to help you make your work more powerful, more readable, more salable.