The Vault is Opening Up Again Today! Three of my early historical romances are being reissued today as part of the American Heiress Trilogy – perfect for fans of Downton Abbey. Set during the Victorian Gilded Age, the books feature three American sisters who set sail for London to capture aristocratic husbands.These books were originally released between 2003-2004 and have been out of print for a number of years, so I’m thrilled to make them available to you again with fresh new edits, new covers, and Kindle editions that will be available in Kindle Unlimited. These newly revised editions are also available in print as trade paperbacks.

(If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can download the FREE Kindle app to your phone or tablet or any device that accepts apps. You can purchase the individual ebooks that way or download them through Kindle Unlimited.)

I recommend starting with the first book in the trilogy, TO MARRY THE DUKE, which was originally published by Avon in 2003 and was a Romance Writer’s of American Rita Finalist.

The second book in the trilogy, FALLING FOR THE MARQUESS, was a USA Today bestseller in 2004 (under the title An Affair Most Wicked), and features a complex hero who is not the marrying kind, so the heroine has her work cut out for her. The third book, IN LOVE WITH THE VISCOUNT, was originally released under the title My Own Private Hero. I admit I had a difficult time writing that book because of a challenging love triangle, and I wasn’t completely confident about it at the time, but to my surprise, when I re-read it this summer, it was my favorite of the three. (I feel funny saying that because authors usually don’t like to admit which books are their favorites. It’s like admitting out loud which one of your children is your favorite.)

You can read the books out of order if you like (each book stands on its own) but if you want to follow the trilogy as I wrote it, you might want to begin with TO MARRY THE DUKE.

What’s Next?

An American Heiress Spinoff Trilogy!

Coming in two weeks! September 3, 2020

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