*BIG NEWS* – BingeBooks is a new book discovery site that just launched, aiming to help you find your next great read. I’m proud to be one of more than 120 authors who have been involved in developing the site. 

What makes it stand out is the way you can sample books on any device, by bingeing on opening chapters. That makes it easy to explore new-to-you authors and unfamiliar genres, as well as catch up on your favorite authors’ complete collections.

You can find all my books with samples here: https://bingeb.co/1de And be sure to click the follow button on my author page! Have fun and see you over there!

Update: The BingeBooks team is looking for readers to give feedback and suggest new features, so if you’d like to be involved and share your ideas, please sign up here: https://bit.ly/binge-test-drive