I just completed the final round of revisions on my newest novel and it has an official title that I can share: A Storm of Infinite Beauty

This is “The Alaska Book,” which was my working title since I began researching and plotting, so it’s wonderful to finally give this book a name. Readers often ask how and when a book is titled, and the answer is different every time, at least for me. When I wrote my Color of Heaven series, I settled on each title before I even began plotting and writing, and the title would inspire ideas for the story. With my standalone books published by Lake Union, the opposite occurs. When I begin writing, I have a working title which – more often than not – is changed once the book is complete. At that point, I work with my editor to brainstorm ideas and we bat a number of potential titles around before we select a favorite.

A Storm of Infinite Beauty has now entered the production stage for release in early September 2023, which means it will go to a copy editor for a careful line-by-line edit. The back cover copy will be written, and cover art design is happening. One of the things I love about Lake Union is that cover design is a collaborative effort where I can offer ideas and choose what I like best from a few different options that the art department presents. It’s a difficult decision because the designers at Lake Union are among the best in the business and I love everything they come up with. I’ll always ask my agent what she likes best and why, and thankfully we are usually on the same page (which is why she has been my agent for more than twenty years).


So, now that A Storm of Infinite Beauty has been handed over to the professionals for production and publication, I’ve turned my thoughts to plotting a new novel which I’ve been researching for a while. This one will be set on Sable Island, about 200 miles off the coast of my home province of Nova Scotia. It’s a unique setting: a thirty-mile-long and narrow, crescent shaped stretch of land where wild horses roam free and very few people reside. I’ll be visiting the island by helicopter for a research trip in the spring. Research is one of the things I love about being a fiction writer, and I’ve traveled to some incredible locations I might not otherwise have experienced, and traveling is one of my favorite things to do in life. How about you? Do you still like to travel, even with all the challenges it presents these days?