A Storm of Infinite Beauty

Release date: September 12, 2023

Visit the blog to learn about Julianne’s research trip to Alaska, which provided inspiration for some of the locations in the novel.


From the bestselling author of Beyond the Moonlit Sea comes an atmospheric tale of how one woman’s search for the truth uncovers long-hidden secrets and rocks the very foundation of her world.

Scarlett Fontaine is a true Hollywood legend—a singer, actress, and beloved fashion icon. But Scarlett dies tragically at just thirty-six years old, leaving behind no children. Or so the story goes…

Gwen Hollingsworth is the curator at a museum dedicated to Scarlett’s life. She’s also sole heir to Scarlett’s fortune as a descendant of the star. But all is not well in Gwen’s world. She’s dealing with a messy marital separation and is struggling to move forward. So when Peter Miller, a biographer and photojournalist, comes to the museum with shocking claims about Scarlett—a life of exile in Alaska, a baby born in secret—Gwen’s whole world is turned upside down.Again.

Determined to uncover the truth, Gwen and Peter set out for Alaska together but soon find themselves on a path toward something far deeper and more meaningful than either of them ever expected.

A Storm of Infinite Beauty takes readers on a breathtaking journey from a lush vineyard in Nova Scotia to a rustic lodge in Alaska where old family secrets are revealed and the quest for true happiness begins.

“Told using two equally captivating timelines and with elements of romance, this is a gripping and addictive read.” – Library Journal

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"Part mystery, part women’s fiction, the latest from multi-published MacLean (Beyond the Moonlit Sea) explores themes of resilience and second chances. Hollywood legend Scarlett Fontaine is still inspiring fans, long after her death at age 36. Gwen Hollingsworth, the curator of the Scarlett Fontaine Museum, is fiercely protective of her famous relative’s legacy. When tabloid photographer–turned–biographer Peter Miller shows up to conduct research in the museum archives, Gwen is suspicious. But then Peter shares evidence that Scarlet may have been living in Valdez, AK, during the earthquake of 1964, and she may have had a baby there. For Gwen, who thought she knew everything about Scarlett, the allure of uncovering the starlet’s lost year is too great to resist, and she and Peter soon find themselves in Alaska, meeting with the one man who may know the truth. But it’s more than a juicy mystery for Gwen, and the discovery of Scarlett’s tragic secret allows Gwen to finally come to terms with her own devastating grief. VERDICT: Told using two equally captivating timelines and with elements of romance, this is a gripping and addictive read. Expect wide appeal."

- Library Journal

"Captivating. With intrigue and tenderness, A STORM OF INFINITE BEAUTY unravels secrets of the past in this heart-rending story about love, loss, and friendship. MacLean takes you on a journey through the stark landscape of Alaska’s snow-covered mountains, jagged walls of ice, and awe-inspiring wildlife while weaving a gut-wrenching tale that highlights the tragic beauty of life. "

- Charlene Carr, author of Hold My Girl

"A perfect storm of betrayals and secrets set in motion by an earth shattering event in history leads to a heartwarming and beautiful journey of self discovery and unexpected love."

- Genevieve Graham, author of The Forgotten Home Child

"Julianne MacLean writes breathtakingly beautiful descriptions of the settings for her novels and this one is no exception.With themes of family and self discovery, you will quickly immerse in the story and will want to travel to Alaska to bear witness to its beauty and history."

- Arlene L, Goodreads Reviewer

"What a great story! The prologue captivated me, I was on the edge of my seat as the story unfolded. I really appreciated all the research Ms. MacLean did on Alaska and its breath taking landscape. I had no idea about the 1964 earth quake there and again Ms. MacLean wrote such a gut wrenching horror that my mind was swimming as I continued to read. and could not put the book down from that point forward. "

- Toni B., Goodreads Reviewer

"I just closed the last page of this book with tears in my eyes… I absolutely loved it… The backdrop of Alaska, the characters, the dual timelines! The magnificent writing, and the amazing storyline had me reading this book nonstop!"

- Robin Ruiz, Goodreads Reviewer

"A Storm of Infinite Beauty takes love to new heights. MacLean finds beauty in the heartache. Through the eyes of tragedy, an enduring legacy is found. One of great strength, heartbreaking loss and unprecedented love. A journey so captivating, you can't look away. Each time I step into a Julianne MacLean novel, I experience magic. From empowering characters to emotional stories, I leave pieces of my heart between the pages of her spellbinding stories."

- Isha C., Bookbub Reviewer

"A STORM OF INFINITE BEAUTY is a dramatic, heart breaking, emotional and tragic story of betrayal, unrequited love, dysfunctional family behavior, loss and acceptance set against the real world earthquake and ensuing tsunamis in Alaska in 1964. The premise is edgy, haunting and real; the characters are desperate and impassioned. A STORM OF INFINITE BEAUTY is a journey; a trek into the past focusing on loss, love and taking back control."

- Sandy at The Reading Cafe

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