Julianne MacLean

A Storm of Infinite Beauty

Release date: September 12, 2023

From the bestselling author of Beyond the Moonlit Sea comes an atmospheric tale of how one woman’s search for the truth uncovers long-hidden secrets and rocks the very foundation of her world.

Scarlett Fontaine is a true Hollywood legend—a singer, actress, and beloved fashion icon. But Scarlett dies tragically at just thirty-six years old, leaving behind no children. Or so the story goes…

Gwen Hollingsworth is the curator at a museum dedicated to Scarlett’s life. She’s also sole heir to Scarlett’s fortune as a descendant of the star. But all is not well in Gwen’s world. She’s dealing with a messy marital separation and is struggling to move forward. So when Peter Miller, a biographer and photojournalist, comes to the museum with shocking claims about Scarlett—a life of exile in Alaska, a baby born in secret—Gwen’s whole world is turned upside down.Again.

Determined to uncover the truth, Gwen and Peter set out for Alaska together but soon find themselves on a path toward something far deeper and more meaningful than either of them ever expected.

A Storm of Infinite Beauty takes readers on a breathtaking journey from a lush vineyard in Nova Scotia to a rustic lodge in Alaska where old family secrets are revealed and the quest for true happiness begins.

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"Captivating. With intrigue and tenderness, A STORM OF INFINITE BEAUTY unravels secrets of the past in this heart-rending story about love, loss, and friendship. MacLean takes you on a journey through the stark landscape of Alaska’s snow-covered mountains, jagged walls of ice, and awe-inspiring wildlife while weaving a gut-wrenching tale that highlights the tragic beauty of life. "

- Charlene Carr, author of Hold My Girl

"A perfect storm of betrayals and secrets set in motion by an earth shattering event in history leads to a heartwarming and beautiful journey of self discovery and unexpected love."

- Genevieve Graham, author of The Forgotten Home Child

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