Beyond the Moonlit Sea

Release date: June 14, 2022

From the bestselling author of These Tangled Vines comes an emotionally gripping  novel about the power of one woman’s search for answers when her husband vanishes in the night.

Olivia Hamilton is married to the love of her life, Dean, a charismatic pilot who flies private jets for the rich and famous. But when he vanishes over the Bermuda Triangle, Olivia’s idyllic existence unravels. After years of waiting, Olivia must eventually let go of the fragile hope that her beloved husband might still be alive.

Melanie Brown is a particle physicist who spends late nights studying the Bermuda Triangle. But her research interests falter when her mother dies in a tragic accident. Struggling to reboot her life and career, Melanie starts a forbidden love affair with her therapist.

When a shocking discovery shows Olivia and Melanie’s paths are intertwined, it casts Dean’s disappearance in a new light. The two women’s strange connection threatens to unlock secrets that will change everything Olivia thought she knew about her marriage, her husband, and most importantly, herself.

Full of spellbinding twists and turns, Beyond the Moonlit Sea is a vivid, emotionally complex novel about the stirring power of love lost and found—and the incredible strength of one woman who fights for happiness in the wake of tragedy and seeks hope where there is light.

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"Beyond the Moonlit Sea brilliantly intertwines myth and science to create a stunning story full of romance and intrigue that had me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last. Julianne MacLean is a master storyteller, and this riveting page-turner might be her best work yet."

- —Suzanne Redfearn, #1 Amazon bestselling author of In an Instant

"I started this twisty, page-turning, 5-hanky tale, and didn’t stop till I was through. The multi-dimensional characters are artfully drawn, and you care, really care, what happens to them. The end was a bombshell, satisfying to the bone. "

- — New York Times Bestselling Author Tanya Anne Crosby

"The Bermuda Triangle is a fitting backdrop for BEYOND THE MOONLIT SEA: A vortex of love found and lost, mistakes made and buried, and secrets too deep to let go. Julianne MacLean has crafted an irresistible premise all the way to the satisfying finish."

- —Jessica Strawser, author of A Million Reasons Why

“MacLean does it again with this intense story about relationships, family bonds, and the truth about loving fully and fearlessly. BEYOND THE MOONLIT SEA will open your eyes... and your heart.”

- — Michelle McMaster, bestselling author of the WATCH ME series

"There's something dazzling about Julianne MacLean's writing, how she sets these small and subtle fires and then slyly connects them in what always promises to ignite into an engulfing blaze of a story. You just never know when she’s going to sneak up behind you with a clever twist that gets your heart going. Beyond the Moonlit Sea is her best yet, and you'll have a blast trying to guess where she's going—even though you won’t be right. Why are you still here? Buy this book."

- Boo Walker, bestselling author of THE SINGING TREES

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