Julianne MacLean

Love According to Lily

Book #4 in The American Heiress Series
Release date: July 2005

NOTE: This title is currently out of print and not available for sale. It will be repackaged and reissued with new cover art in 2020. Please sign up for the author’s newsletter for information about the new release date.

Being raised in a strict, humorless household did nothing to dampen Lady Lily Langdon’s romantic nature — nor cool her lifelong affection for Edward Wallis, Earl of Whitby, her elder brother’s oldest, dearest friend. But Edward cannot see the lovely woman she’s become for the wild schoolgirl she once was. So with lessons in flirtation from her American sister-in-law, Duchess Sophia, Lily means to open Edward’s eyes and win his heart.

But just when her seduction begins to take hold, tragedy strikes. Edward has lived a rakish life, believing he would never grow old — and a terrible twist of fate threatens to prove him right. Yet adversity only strengthens Lily’s resolve to find the ecstasy she knows is waiting in Edward’s arms — and to prove to the handsome, haunted earl that it is never too late to fall desperately in love.

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Love According to Lily love according to lily Book #4 in The American Heiress Series “MacLean’s compelling writing turns this simple, classic love story into a richly emotional romance, and by combining engaging characters with a unique, vividly detailed setting, she has created an exceptional tale for readers who hunger for something a bit different in their historical romances.”


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