Love at Pembroke Palace Collection: Volume One


From bestselling author Julianne MacLean comes a gorgeous and captivating historical romance series set in the lavish palace of an English duke, where duty and desire collide.

In My Wildest Fantasies – Book 1

When Devon Sinclair, the future Duke of Pembroke, rescues Lady Rebecca Newland from a runaway coach, she falls instantly in love. Four years later, she is betrothed to a man she detests but cannot give up her wish for a life with the hero of her dreams. Little does she know that Devon is urgently seeking a bride in order to secure his inheritance. Soon, secrets mingle with seduction and passion abounds as they meet again and lure each other to the marriage bed. “A sizzling treat of a book!” – Karen Hawkins

The Mistress Diaries – Book 2

Cassandra Montrose lost her head when she was whisked out of a London ballroom by Lord Vincent Sinclair, the most desirable man she’d ever met—a man she never expected to see again. A year later, a fateful secret brings her to his door, but he is betrothed to another. Cassandra has vowed never to become any man’s mistress, but she has a very good reason to remain in Lord Vincent’s life. If only he did not tempt her so… “An exceptional tale for readers who hunger for something a bit different in their historical romances.” – Booklist

When a Stranger Loves Me – Book 3

When a handsome stranger is washed ashore with no memory of his life, Lady Chelsea Campion believes her prayers have been answered. In order to save her family’s estate, all she needs is a child, and the stranger with no connections to her world seems perfect. She need only seduce him…and somehow manage to resist falling in love. “Enthralling, passionate, and suspenseful until the very last page is turned…” –

Julianne MacLean’s classic historical romances are “emotionally powerful” and brimming with grand passions and adventure from a bygone era. Enjoy her boxed set collection today and embark upon an exhilarating journey of love and desire.

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