Julianne MacLean

My Own Private Hero

Book #3 in The American Heiress Series
Release date: December 2004

NOTE: This title is currently out of print and not available for sale. It will be repackaged and reissued with new cover art in 2020. Please sign up for the author’s newsletter for information about the new release date.

Could this love nonsense really be worth the trouble?

To Adele Wilson the answer is clear: of course not! She has seen her two sisters dragged through scandal and heartbreak (not to mention every ballroom in London) to find the husbands of their dreams. And that’s why she said yes to the first British lord who requested her hand. And why shouldn’t she marry him? He is kind, honest, and not sentimental in the least.

Unlike his wilder, taller, more mysterious cousin Damien Renshaw, Baron Alcester. Ignoring Damien altogether would be easy if he were the sort of man intent on seducing his cousin’s betrothed. But he is clearly trying to resist her, and his suddenly proper behavior only makes him more tempting to the usually well-behaved Adele. Indeed, Damien seems to be bringing out another side of Adele, a heady, passionate, exhilarating side. It seems that fate is contriving to teach her — against her best intentions — exactly what this love nonsense is all about …

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