Princess in Love

Book #2 in The Royal Trilogy
Release date: October 2012

Only her heart knows the truth….

From bestselling author Julianne MacLean comes a Regency romance that will sweep you away to a world of passion and intrigue during the Napoleonic era – from the glittering palaces of great monarchs to the breath-taking Battle of Waterloo…

Princess Rose is the beautiful daughter of a great European king, and a political marriage for her has already been arranged. Dutiful and loyal to her family, Rose has accepted her fate, but she soon begins to question her duty when Leopold Hunt, the handsome Marquess of Cavanaugh, comes to her rescue on a rainswept English country road…

Little does she know that the marquess is a secret royal with a distant hereditary claim to her father’s throne. He has been groomed to one day overthrow her father the king and rebuild his family’s dynasty. Soon, Rose and Leopold’s passions burn too hotly to be denied, and the secret lovers must choose between love or honor, duty or desire.

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NOTE: The original edition of Princess in Love was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2012. See the original cover at right. 

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"MacLean intersperses historical details to give context and depth to Rose and Leopold’s complex relationship that spans a decade, making PRINCESS IN LOVE a rich and satisfying read, a true love story for all time."

- Joyce Greenfield,

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