A Storm of Infinite Beauty

A Storm of Infinite Beauty Book Cover

Discussion Questions

Spoiler Alert: Please note that the questions below contain spoilers.

  1. Early in the novel, Gwen misses her husband and wants him back. Under the circumstances of their separation, his subsequent relationship with another woman, and his admission of his mistakes, including apologies, did you believe he deserved a second chance?
  2. If Gwen and Eric had not suffered the loss of their daughter, Lily, do you think their marriage would have lasted? Why or why not?
  3. Jeremy is introduced as a dangerous character but proves himself to be a good man and intensely loyal to Angie. Joe is unfaithful to Angie, but she loves him. If the earthquake had not occurred and Joe had not experienced his epiphany after the death of his wife, do you think he would have stopped his philandering and become a faithful husband? If not, do you think Angie would have eventually left him for Jeremy? If Angie was your friend, what would be your advice to her?
  4. Valerie lost her mother at a young age and did not feel loved or supported by her father. In what ways did these past experiences affect the way she handled her breakup with Drew and her willingness to go to Alaska?
  5. When Drew uses a pay phone to call Valerie in Hollywood, was she right or wrong to tell him not to come and visit her? How might things have been different in her life, and in others’ lives, if Drew had taken a flight to California the next day?
  6. Valerie chooses not to get married or have any more children. Why do you believe she made this choice? Was it a fear of abandonment? The appeal of her career? Or was it a devotion to Drew as the one and only true love of her life?
  7. At the end of chapter 30, Eric meets Gwen at the airport and drives her home. They talk in the kitchen, and he says, “All I want is to get to know you again and do better this time. Can we try that?” Gwen cautiously suggests they start with dinner. At that point in the novel, did you believe she would remain with Eric, or did you expect her to end up with Peter? What did you want for her? Explain your answer.
  8. At the end of the novel, Peter expresses a desire to leave LA and relocate to Nova Scotia. What do you think the future holds for Gwen and Peter? Will they stay together and have a child? Is that what you believe Gwen will want for herself? Explain your opinion.
  9. If you believe Gwen will choose to have a child with Peter, how would she become comfortable with that decision after learning about the choices that Valerie made? How would Gwen’s choices differ from or resemble Valerie’s choices?