The Color of A Dream

The Color of A Dream Book Cover

Discussion Questions

Spoiler Alert: Please note that the questions below contain spoilers.

  1. How do the actions of Jesse and Rick reveal their true characters in the first twenty-one chapters of the novel?
  2. Though Rick is a villain in Jesse’s eyes, is there any sign of goodness in Rick? If so, where? Do you believe he is portrayed fairly in this novel? If you read the previous book, The Color of Hope, what are your thoughts about Rick? Is he really as bad as some of these characters make him out to be?
  3. Nadia’s section begins with a reference to her recurring dream of flying. Have you ever dreamed you were flying? Do you believe in astral projection?
  4. Is there another recurring dream you have that has some meaning in your life? If so, what is it?
  5. Why do you think Jesse was attracted to Nadia at first sight, and not Diana, given they are identical twins?
  6. Jesse couldn’t help Angela and that part of his past haunts him. How do you feel this plays into his actions and decisions throughout the rest of the novel? Do you believe he lets go of this guilt in the end?
  7. Nadia falls for Jesse quickly. Do you feel she was desperate to have a loving partner and father for her child? Or was she truly meant to be with Jesse?
  8. Toward the end of the novel, Nadia is still asking questions about the meaning of her dreams. She remains skeptical. Do you believe there is an answer to her experience? If so, what do you believe it is?
  9. When Nadia meets Audrey in the playground, should she have told her who she was? How do you think Audrey would have reacted?
  10. The word “dream” has many meanings. What connotations are present in this novel?